Marketing Strategies for 2014

Get schooled in effective marketing strategies for 2013 - 2014. Resources and DIY tips for aspiring marketers. Welcome to MMI (Marketing Mayhem Institute).

Marketing Strategy 101

Ditch the spam commenting because marketing strategies in 2014 will be more focused on authority and social signals. In 2013 they were still working, but not for long. Discover a winning online marketing strategy for 2014!

Beat the competition with winning marketing strategies. What was working in 2010-2013 will not continue to be effective in 2014. Learn how to beat the competition with a winning marketing strategy. If you have the will, discover the way!

Marketing 101

Learn the Basics of Marketing

Let’s face it, marketing is tough. With all of the algorithm changes in the search engines, it’s hard to get found online. With all of the big corporations buying up time slots in mass media, it’s next to impossible to be seen by your prospects. Marketing strategies in 2014 will be different than marketing strategies in 2013. What can we expect to see in marketing trends next in the future? Before we get started with an overview of how to succeed at online reputation, brand management, and general marketing we have to cover the BASICS of effective marketing.

As you have figured out by now, getting your name out there through mass media is becoming less effective and less affordable than ever. If you expect your brand to stick out from the competition, you need to do something different. Every company has two main goals…get the customers and KEEP them. I don’t care what it is you do, you need customers (or you can call them clients). You need to find the people that are going to buy your service or product. There are SEVERAL ways to do this, but only a FEW effective ones. If you are unfamiliar with different types of marketing, check out the leading marketing company in Atlanta's twitter page, Veritas Inc. They have a ton of useful content that will enlighten you to the many forms of advertising. It should serve as a nice intro for you.

​Some marketers think that they can just drop a bunch of brochures off and the phone will start ringing off the hook. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. You have to do a whole lot more than just print out some flyers. You have to work extremely hard. You will probably fail. You will probably give up before you have even given yourself a fighting chance. The work ahead is tremendous and many people quit. Will you?

Marketing Strategy Basics

So let’s get started with some basic marketing information. To be successful, you have to be schooled in what marketing strategies work in different situations. Since I don’t know your circumstances, I can’t tell you directly what will work for you particularly. You’ll just have to try some things out and measure your results. However, regardless of the methods you choose, the following concepts should be taken into consideration.

​Be honest with yourself. Are people really going to buy your product? Does your product or service solve some sort of a problem? Does it make life easier for people? Is it reasonably priced? If the answers to these questions are more NO than YES, you need to change it. You can’t have a crappy product and expect people to buy it. You can’t perform a crappy service and expect repeat business. The leading marketing strategy consulting company in Portland, Oregon is focused on quality of services offered. Check out DMA Portland to see how this has affected their results.

After you have figured out the need in the market, determine if there are many competitors in that space. If there are, how much market share is left for you to grab onto? Will it be worth your while to go after them? If not much of the market is left, you may want to re-think your product or services offered…UNLESS…you can do it better than the other guys. In other words, will an effective marketing strategy even help? If so, continue reading.

​If you are getting into a market that a lot of other competitors are holding onto, it’s time to go to war. If your intent is to compete with these companies and win, continue to the section below.
How to beat competition in marketing
Online Marketing Strategies 2014
Marketing Strategies 2014

How to Beat the Competition: Preview

If you are wondering what the best online marketing strategies for 2014 will be, you have come to the right place. There are several things to take into consideration in your online marketing strategy for the upcoming year. 2014 will prove to be quite the challenge for online marketers. Blog commenting, although a common practice today, will be ineffective. Spam posting will be ineffective. Search engines will provide more weight to content that is published by people with authority. Have you seen those little profile pictures below some of the search results? That will be commonplace in the upcoming year in online marketing strategies. For instance, Blitz Inc Bellevue publishes a lot of great content regarding marketing and sales. The fact is that their pages show up great in the search results. The company's CEO, Tom Peck, has authored the blog himself by tying in his Google Plus profile. Get used to that. Your competition will be doing it and so should you.

In fact, Blitz Inc publishes a lot of great marketing content as well. If you don't find what you are looking for on this website, go check out the Blitz Inc profile on You'll find a link to all of their blogs and social media pages. They deal more with face to face marketing, but it might be what you are looking for.

As for internet marketing, read Online marketing strategies 2014.

Online Marketing Strategies 2014: Preview

If you are wondering how to beat the competition in marketing, be sure to visit our free information. MMI provides strategies and methods to not only get your brand known, but annihilate the competition. A lot of the following information is taken from the marketing training manuals of DMA Portland Oregon. They are the leading training organization that focuses on increasing awareness of national brands. Here is a preview of what it takes to beat the competition.

If you really like winning, you have to understand that the other person or team loses. As long as you're cool with that, you're good to go. In order to win, you truly have to want it. You have to 1) work harder than the other guys, 2) replicate successful marketing strategies and analyze your results, and 3) hire the right marketing team.

According to the management team at the leading marketing company in Georgia, Veritas Inc Atlanta doesn't just focus on gaining customers who aren't loyal to a company in particular. Veritas focuses on getting win-back customers and people who are fairly loyal to their competitors. You see, you have to realize that wherever there is money to be made, there is competition. Don't just go for the low-hanging fruit. Penetrate every possible sector to get new customers. Read: How to beat the competition in Marketing.

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