An envelope is a flat sheet folded up to hold a piece of document or card inside which is to be sent or given to someone. It can be so much more than simply a pack for a piece of information for the recipient. The right envelope can instantly convey a box of ideas before its intended recipient even opens it up. Envelope printing can be a tricky but interesting activity for some events as a messenger.

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Envelope making has a whole process on its own. We need to have a full idea about how and for what occasion the envelope is for. First, it starts out as a flat paper which is folded according to the type of occasion it has to be used for. It could be a letter, formal invitation or cash or cheque. The shape is adjusted according to the contents inside. The more formal the envelope is for, the better is the quality used for the process. Next, comes the envelope designing. This process is the most important one as it shows the creativity and the type of subject it refers to. It is up to you how you want to design it. It can be simple, colourful, or with fewer details to give a more professional look for business. Finally, after all these steps, you have a mention a few more details like address, subject and name of the recipient or company in question.

On the other hand, before talking on postcard printing it is to let you know that the postcard is defined as an unclosed letter with a stamp. There is no envelope covering it and it may be sent over shorter distances. It also mostly contains an image at the back of the card. Its process is less complicated. Just write a letter or note, put on a stamp and add a picture if needed and done. The stamps used are different for every area and have to be used according to the area. In old times, they were classified according to their types by their elements. If the stamp was present, it was marked otherwise it wasn’t. If an image is present its illustrated, if not, it isn’t. This was not very common to divide by their types but n some places it was still used. This is surely a vintage way of sending messages. It is definitely a lot different from the envelope process or the use. It is not used nowadays but was considered a lot in old times.