The process of customer engagement has not been very simple, earlier the simple way of the same was when the customer would enter the store until they made a purchase. Now the business operations have become complex with the use of the online and offline selling. Similarly, the competition has also become very fierce which means that the customers need to be kept engaged using many forms so that they stay loyal. The gift card box which many stores use is a process to ensure that they come back to them when they plan to purchase anything next. Another common thing which many business uses is the loyalty program by giving out the card. The loyalty card design is picked using strategies so that the buyers are always reminded of the program and they go back to win points or to use them. Now, the process sounds beneficial but it is not an easy task to actually attract the customers to sign up for these loyalty programs. The article talks about some ways in which customers can be motivated to be a part of the program.

gift card box

Incentive for sign-up: You will have to make the sign-up step rewarding to attract the customers. Give them a perk that they could not say no to.  Give them something for free when the sign-up which will add a tangible reason for them to become a part of the loyalty program.

Keep it Easy to Use

Many users shy away from using the loyalty programs as they are very complex. The earning of points and adding bonus points does not go very well with them. They do not appreciate any hurdles in the way of actually earning rewards. Create a simple program where the customers can enjoy the shopping without having to make many calculations


You will have to actively participate in the in-store and out-store promotion. Use digital medium to let all your customers know about these programs. The social media platforms are the best for this- use FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram to create awareness. Whatever you do be strategic about it, the message should be sent across in an appropriate manner so that they know that the loyalty program card will only add benefit to what they are buying.

The loyalty card designs should also be chosen carefully so that they have all the relevant information and they look attractive to the users.